Everybody Hurts…

A colleague of mine, Jason Moskovitz, wrote a short and elegant article about the experience of pain.  I am linking you to it, as I really couldn’t have written it better myself.

Here is an important excerpt from the article:

“In an era where we have our own living space, our own car, our own schedule, the idea of community seems almost antiquated. We’re left to sift through our own pain, making it very easy to believe we are alone in our suffering, which only serves to compound our pain. These days, community has been replaced with the social network. We, sitting behind our own computers, select digitally who are our own friends, and become digitally oblivious to our pain.

It’s time to let go, to disown what we own. Cast off the idea that our environment would rather have us deal with our own problems by ourselves in the confines of our own life. Release into a world knowing that everyone is in pain. Everyone. And that this is normal.”



Feminine 2.0 – refining the feminist movement

The feminist revolution was necessary for so many reasons, and in it’s own right, successful.   However, just like anything that shifts from one extreme of the pendulum swing to the other, the movement and it’s parameters need to be revisited.

Please read this eloquent article by Marianne Williamson.

Chinese Medicine is coming back…in China

During the Mao years in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine was sabotaged by the dictator in favor of “progressive” Western medicine.  Mao’s desire for China to be seen as current and cutting edge left little room for the perfectly aged, “folkloric” traditional medicine of the country.

However, the medicine is making a comeback according to this article on an online Chinese news source.

An excerpt:

Wang Guoqiang, vice health minister and director of the State Administration of TCM (SATCM), made the remarks here Thursday at the annual national conference on traditional Chinese medicine.

In terms of inheritance, Wang urged efforts be made to establish databases of ancient traditional Chinese medicine publications, to study its basic theories and to conduct a general survey on TCM resources.

He also called for innovation in building a clinical R&D system, setting up key TCM labs, facilitating technology transfers into the industry and improving R&D management and quality control.

Wang also disclosed the following figures concerning the country’s previous efforts in promoting traditional Chinese medicine:

In 2010, the SATCM accepted the registration of 400 important ancient traditional Chinese medicine books.

Besides providing inheritance studios for 181 TCM masters, the SATCM started a comprehensive service platform for the exchange of their clinical experiences and academic thoughts.


This is very good news, especially exciting to know government officials are discussing Research and Development, and enhancing quality control.

Here is a link to a timely and complimentary article on Blue Poppy’s blog regarding potential future laws and regulations of Chinese herbs here in the U.S.

Cancer Is Not a Mystery

An eloquent article by a nutritionist about the fallacy and ultimate futility of “cancer research and treatment”.  Unless we shift our energies as a whole to Cancer Prevention, cancer will continue to be a huge money-making business for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, advertising companies, and never-ending research laboratories.

You do have a high level of control and governing power over your body.  If you live in a metropolis like Los Angeles, then you are bombarded constantly by pollution of all kinds- chemical, light, noise, EMF’s, radiation, etc.

You must become a radical defender of your own health.

To do so is work.  To do so does take energy, at first.  Like all worthwhile ventures, it is an effort to get started.  But once you do, it becomes more of a second nature, an effortless awareness.

There is no need to live in a state of paranoia, of fear.  Taking care of yourself is EMPOWERING.  It is LIBERATING.  Your spirit will know it’s home is being tended to, and will thank you for it.