Massive meat recall rant…

I am not writing this article for shock value…it actually isn’t all that shocking, but rather as a reminder to meat eaters that the people at major, mass production slaughterhouses HAVE NO CONCERN FOR THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF THE ANIMALS OR YOU!!! There are many reasons to refuse to support these industries.

1) The well being of the animals tortured for your burger. (note that places like In N’ Out were buying meat from this slaughterhouse)

2) The cleanliness and health value of the product you are putting into YOUR BODY. Your digestive tract is a closed system. Except for overtly poisoned food or foreign objects, your guts will digest whatever you put in your mouth. Over time these “sub-clinical” toxins build up and the body can no longer hide the toxicity from us (heart problems, arthritis, vision problems, etc…)

3) The well being of slaughterhouse workers themselves! The workers at the front lines of these mass production slaughterhouses are generally uneducated, undocumented, immigrant workers who themselves are abused in the form of long hours, depressing, physically grueling work, no or limited bathroom breaks (just imagine where they DO go to the bathroom…right on the killing room floor…). These people generally become disgruntled and angry. IF you are a person who does not support illegal immigration into this country, why are you supporting these mass production slaughterhouses with YOUR MONEY?

This is the largest meat recall in history…and it was exposed by citizens fighting for your rights as consumers and the rights of the animals who cannot speak!

Think about it! Support local, independent farmers and ranchers who are still small enough to be held accountable. It is so easy! Many of us are eating way too much meat anyway…try only eating meat you purchase from independent ranchers/farmers. Get your meat from Whole Foods, or another such place. Order meat directly from (free range bison, wild Alaskan salmon….)

Mother Teresa (Many have opinions about her…I have none yet, but I like this point…) said she would never sit for an anti-war rally, but would always sit for a peace rally. THINK ABOUT IT.

Think about it…and then think about taking responsibility for where you are directing YOUR energies.

Rant over, I am hopping off my soapbox now…thank you if you made it this far….

Video link to ABC world news (not too overwhelming…it’s edited for general viewing…basically if you eat meat, you should at least have the courage to watch this video)