Organic Hard and Fasts…

I am going to list foods that if you eat nothing else organic, these are the ones to choose:

1. Peanut butter– Peanuts, cotton, and soybean are crop rotated, highly genetically modified, highly pesticided. Not to mention this creates an Aflatoxin bonanza for the peanuts, which leads to liver damage and severe allergic reactions in humans)
2. All nut butters
3. Fats. Inc: Butter, eggs, oils (never eat Canola oil, it was genetically modified in 1974, an unsaturated, unstable fat prone to fragmentation-> free radicals. Look at your bottle of Canola oil. It says vegetable oil. Are your vegetables oily and fatty? Hhhmmm…Also think about the insane amount of Canola oil the average person ingests in their diet if they do not prepare their own food. Restraunts almost only use Canola ’cause it is CHEAP)
4. Dairy
5. Meat (at least hormone and antibiotic free)

Of course, I advocate eating at least 70% organic, but if you cannot, these are key players.

I will update list if I think of more!

6. Soy products– heavily pesticided and commonly genetically modified, hence, also make sure it says GMO- free
7. Corn– same as soy, needs to be organic and GMO free. You will find this difficult, as corn is in a ridiculous amount of foods. Michael Pollan in his book Omnivores Dilemma posits that our nutritional demise all starts with corn…


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