Again, another link to cardiologist Dr. Davis’ blog. This one is actually mainly a comment from a reader about a recent trip to a conventional grocery store. Around Thanksgiving last year was my first trip into a mainstream grocery store. It was 10:00 at night, and I had realized we didn’t have any more water. We popped out to grab just enough to get us through until I could access the Culligan dispenser at a local health food store and fill our glass jugs. It was such an unreal experience! First was the smell…acidic chemical detergents burned my nostrils, hyper-colors burst off the cereal boxes. The meat section had a sour, old blood smell. The cosmetic and hair “care” section was overwhelming. WOW! After years of shopping Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, farmers markets…what a difference. No wonder so many people do not know what food really is!

On to the link.

Here is another link to a “Mom and Pop” ranch in Texas, committed to raising animals for consumption according to the laws of nature.


2 thoughts on “Supermarkets

  1. The last time my husband and I entered a mainstream grocery store, I was surpised to see how many of the customers were overweight.

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