Great video about Vit D

I just viewed a video of Dr. Michael Holick speaking at a European Symposium on the topic of Vitamin D. We are now learning that our demonizing of the sun for at least the past 30 years is doing us more harm than good, health wise.

A synopsis:

What is the best source of Vit D? The sun.

What is the next best source during winter months or if you live above or below about 38deg longitude? A simple Vitamin D3 supplement. In the video he talks about UVB waves and the angles in which they penetrate our atmosphere. They hit most directly at 37deg longitude, a distance from the equator north to about Los Angeles. Above that they distort, wave, and the delivery of Vit D decreases in potency. In winter even at these ideal longitudes, when the sun moves further away, Vit D delivery is again weakened.

What diseases and/or disorders can solid blood levels of Vit D help cure/ prevent? Breast cancer, prostate cancer, colo-rectal cancer, psoriasis, osteomalacia, fibromyalgia. (Note: I am not implying that any one thing is the be all end all cure all. However, sometimes the answer really can be shockingly simple. Intake of Vit C = No More Scurvy. Please remember you could take all the D3 in the world, but if you eat a crap diet, are sedentary, have anger/grief issues, smoke, or do other painfully obvious self-destructive behaviors…well, the odds become inherently against you.)

What is the appropriate daily dose of oral Vit D? 1000units Vit D3

What is the appropriate solar dose of Vit D? 5-15 arms and legs exposure daily WITHOUT sunscreen.

What precaution should I take in the sun during this time of exposure? Do not burn.

Can you become Vit D toxic? It is verrrrrrry hard to do this. VERY hard, because the body has an off switch. This is why you can be in the sun for hours and not become toxic from Vit D; from the sun the body converts D –> D2 –> D3. If it has enough D3, it simply does not convert any more D2 into D3. Orally, you would need to take about 3x the recommended amount consistently.

Here is the video for your viewing pleasure! Is does have science-y lingo, but it isn’t over the top at all. Challenge yourself! Dr. Holick has a great sense of humor. Enjoy!

Here is a link to Dr. Mercola aldo discussing Vit D in regards to cancer prevention.


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