Everything you need to know to be/stay healthy!

Great 5 minute video on how/ what people need to eat. Funny, clear, and totally accurate!

Please please watch!


OK, now that you have watched, you may ask, “But Karen, I live in the middle of a major city! My best friend is not an organic rancher/farmer. I feel confused as to how to implement this into my life!”

Have I ever left you hanging?

First is to start simple. What is most important to you? Is it the reduction of sugar and grains in your diet? That’s a good start. Start slow! Begin with sugary grains: cereal (even the “healthy” kind), no cake/ pie/ cookies for dessert, no waffles, pancakes (recipe for Primal Pancakes to follow). Set a limit for yourself at first, say you only allow yourself 2 slices of whole grain bread per day (I like this). You can then choose a piece of toast with your soft boiled eggs for breakfast, then a half sandwich with soup/salad for lunch. That means dinner will be veggies, protein, fruit dessert. (And maybe some organic chocolate… but I never said that…or a glass of wine…I never said that either…)

Maybe the first place to start is with manufactured food-type products. Raid your kitchen and get rid of boxes of things with more than 5-8 ingredients, packages that contain the direction “just add water”. Canned soups (full of aluminum and sodium), foil wrapped “bars” (protein, breakfast, energy, meal replacement), pop-tarts, etc. You get the picture. How you get rid of it is up to you- donate it, toss it, have a “food-type product” funeral!

Margarine! Toss it! The last thing any of us need is more of this ambiguously named “vegetable oil”. My Anatomy and Physiology instructor called margarine “tumor in a tub”. Try ghee (clarified butter) or raw butter (Organic Pastures at Whole Foods).

Interested in fully grass/ pastured/ organic meat? A friend (Hi Elise!) sent me this great link, it’s a guide to all grass fed animal ranches in the US. Get some friends and family together and place an order.

Revisit/ watch this 15 minute video I posted the other day.

Chant with me; “Leaf-y greens! Leaf-y greens!” Add handfuls of spinach to scrambled eggs, steam kale and serve with your favourite salad dressing (homemade preferably- dressing is crazy easy to make). A quote I read about kale, said by an MD, made me laugh out loud “Kale makes colon cancer cells commit suicide.”

More to follow…stay tuned!


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