Green Monsters…

A fellow blogger refers to her green shakes as her “Green Monsters” and I thought it was appropriate!

I like to juice, and since receiving a VitaMix blender as a gift, I have been making shakes. I am not a fan of lots of fruit (too sugary), so I use veggies in my shakes. Here is a recipe for my main shake with a few ideas following:

1 c water
1/2 c homemade almond milk or pure coconut milk (or raw whole milk)
1/2 banana
1/4 c blueberries (frozen)
2 large Kale leaves torn, leaving out main stem
big handful baby spinach
Scoop protein powder occasionally (Jay Robb- very clean powder with Stevia. I like the chocolate)
2 ice cubes (the VitaMix warms up the shake as it blends- HOWEVER I do not believe we should ever drink icy cold beverages)

Blend on high for at least 1 full minute, adding water, coconut milk, raw milk, or almond milk as needed.

Other things to add:
Pumpkin (canned/ cooked)
Coconut butter
Cantaloupe (instead of banana)
Oil (raw avocado, raw pumpkin seed)

I drink this every day almost, usually using it as dinner if I’m not too hungry or just what to go to bed with a clean system. I also like to juice for dinner for the same reasons.


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