Have You Kissed Any Pigs Lately? (Plus a recipe for juice)

The media is once again effectively spreading the “pandemic” fear.

Earlier I had done a post about the importance of vitamin D, and here is a link to one of my favorite blogs, The Heart Scan Blog, where the doctor discusses the link between immunity and Vitamin D.

Here is another link to an article written by Dr. Monica Hughes, PhD in Biology (she knows of what she speaks), about the source of this flu- horrific containment and treatment of our food-production animals. There is a link in her article about the reality of what we do to animals, and you will understand how these super- viruses mutate in these ridiculously toxic and brutal conditions.

When you are healthy, in tune with your own life, your immune system is available. If you smoke, drink alcohol daily, have unneeded anger or hate in your life, or are walking around with long standing grief or sadness, your immune system is distracted and not available to serve you.

We cannot stretch our immune system too thin.

I recommend juicing 4-5 times per week. Here is a combination of foods I juice together:

1 green apple
adds sweetness without too much sugar, vitamins and minerals, and is cooling and nurturing to the blood.
1 medium carrot
Vitamin A, supports the eyes
1 cup baby spinach
Vitamin A, Vitamin C. The leafy greens go to the liver to nourish and detoxify.
2 large leaves kale (with main stem removed)
Vitamin E, chlorophyll (builds blood), natural salty flavor enters the kidneys to detoxify. I once read a quote from a doctor where he said “Kale makes colon cancer cells commit suicide”.
1/2 cucumber (skin on)
Cooling, nourishes blood and yin fluids, silicon in the skin aids in joint repair and encourages calcium absorbtion.
1/2 to 3/4 cup cilantro
Leaches out heavy metals, refreshes the liver, cools the blood.
1 large stalk celery
Drains damp (edema), silicon and natural salts repair joints, soothes arthritis, encourages calcium absorption.
1/2 inch piece fresh ginger. (organic, skin on)
Helps the stomach absorb nutrients, enhances immune system

This is a recipe that serves one. You can add some clean water if you need to thin it out a little.

Other good things to juice:
Beet (remove carrot if you add beet so as to not increase sugar content of juice), red leaf lettuce, dandelion greens (not too many, about 7-10 leaves), chard (avoid if prone to kidney stones).

Tips: Juice the kale and spinach with a piece of cucumber, as kale isn’t super juicy and the cucumber helps the juicer do it’s job on the kale.

You can see I do not juice fruit, except for green apple. Fruit is too high in sugar and creates an acidic environment in the body. Vegetables are alkaline, detoxifying, and soothing.

I do not encourage a totally raw diet for most people, but rather support a balance of raw and cooked foods. Always limit sugar intake, and keep grains to a minimum- always choosing whole grains and sprouted grains and legumes.

Do not forget about sodium. Salt in excess (on every meal) is a poison to the kidneys, even Himalayan salt. The natural salty flavor in foods such as kale and celery should be taken advantage of. Beware of the high sodium content in canned and prepackaged foods!

As far as juicers go, everyone has an opinion on which is “best”. I have used Jack Lalanne’s juicer for two years now and love it. Breville and Champion are also great. Do not go for the less expensive juicers, as they probably will break quickly. Jack Lalanne’s juicer is about $100.


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