Cancer Is Not a Mystery

An eloquent article by a nutritionist about the fallacy and ultimate futility of “cancer research and treatment”.  Unless we shift our energies as a whole to Cancer Prevention, cancer will continue to be a huge money-making business for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, advertising companies, and never-ending research laboratories.

You do have a high level of control and governing power over your body.  If you live in a metropolis like Los Angeles, then you are bombarded constantly by pollution of all kinds- chemical, light, noise, EMF’s, radiation, etc.

You must become a radical defender of your own health.

To do so is work.  To do so does take energy, at first.  Like all worthwhile ventures, it is an effort to get started.  But once you do, it becomes more of a second nature, an effortless awareness.

There is no need to live in a state of paranoia, of fear.  Taking care of yourself is EMPOWERING.  It is LIBERATING.  Your spirit will know it’s home is being tended to, and will thank you for it.


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