What the heck is Magnesium Stearate?

This additive is in sooooo many things, including tablets and capsules. Great easy to read article about what this HYDROGENATED OIL is, and just how much you are ingesting if it is in your supplement, etc…


Cancer Is Not a Mystery

An eloquent article by a nutritionist about the fallacy and ultimate futility of “cancer research and treatment”.  Unless we shift our energies as a whole to Cancer Prevention, cancer will continue to be a huge money-making business for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, advertising companies, and never-ending research laboratories.

You do have a high level of control and governing power over your body.  If you live in a metropolis like Los Angeles, then you are bombarded constantly by pollution of all kinds- chemical, light, noise, EMF’s, radiation, etc.

You must become a radical defender of your own health.

To do so is work.  To do so does take energy, at first.  Like all worthwhile ventures, it is an effort to get started.  But once you do, it becomes more of a second nature, an effortless awareness.

There is no need to live in a state of paranoia, of fear.  Taking care of yourself is EMPOWERING.  It is LIBERATING.  Your spirit will know it’s home is being tended to, and will thank you for it.

Have You Kissed Any Pigs Lately? (Plus a recipe for juice)

The media is once again effectively spreading the “pandemic” fear.

Earlier I had done a post about the importance of vitamin D, and here is a link to one of my favorite blogs, The Heart Scan Blog, where the doctor discusses the link between immunity and Vitamin D.

Here is another link to an article written by Dr. Monica Hughes, PhD in Biology (she knows of what she speaks), about the source of this flu- horrific containment and treatment of our food-production animals. There is a link in her article about the reality of what we do to animals, and you will understand how these super- viruses mutate in these ridiculously toxic and brutal conditions.

When you are healthy, in tune with your own life, your immune system is available. If you smoke, drink alcohol daily, have unneeded anger or hate in your life, or are walking around with long standing grief or sadness, your immune system is distracted and not available to serve you. Continue reading

Green Monsters…

A fellow blogger refers to her green shakes as her “Green Monsters” and I thought it was appropriate!

I like to juice, and since receiving a VitaMix blender as a gift, I have been making shakes. I am not a fan of lots of fruit (too sugary), so I use veggies in my shakes. Here is a recipe for my main shake with a few ideas following:

1 c water
1/2 c homemade almond milk or pure coconut milk (or raw whole milk)
1/2 banana
1/4 c blueberries (frozen)
2 large Kale leaves torn, leaving out main stem
big handful baby spinach
Scoop protein powder occasionally (Jay Robb- very clean powder with Stevia. I like the chocolate)
2 ice cubes (the VitaMix warms up the shake as it blends- HOWEVER I do not believe we should ever drink icy cold beverages)

Blend on high for at least 1 full minute, adding water, coconut milk, raw milk, or almond milk as needed.

Other things to add:
Pumpkin (canned/ cooked)
Coconut butter
Cantaloupe (instead of banana)
Oil (raw avocado, raw pumpkin seed)

I drink this every day almost, usually using it as dinner if I’m not too hungry or just what to go to bed with a clean system. I also like to juice for dinner for the same reasons.